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Let me start off by saying, Congrats Leigh you have officially wormed your way into my heart, seized it, and crushed it. Now, in Shadow & Bone I was completely a Darkling fan so I was a bit disappointed to see he wasn’t in this one as much. But because of that I started to really warm up to Mal, and now the new character Nikolai. Now this poses some problems because that makes not a love triangle but a love SQUARE! Yes you heard me, Square!

I’m not a huge fan of love triangles, let alone a love square because I hate choosing between the guys. I always end up loving each guy the girl chooses from and that makes it worse because I always feel like the girl should be with one but then the other then vice versa into a vicious cycle. I like having just the one guy the girl falls for so I can ship them but no, some authors like to play with our hearts and emotions. And Leigh Bardugo is one of them.

At the beginning of Siege & Storm I got into it because there was action right away and was getting very intense but as I was in the middle I started to feel a bit… uninterested because not much was happening. It was just some preparations for whatever was to happen later. I think this is what made me take twice as long to finish it, and the fact that Alina kind of annoyed me a bit? I thought in this book she was acting a little stupid and foolish and I didn’t really like how she was changing little by little, and this made me like Mal a lot more because he seemed to be fighting for her a LOT. I loved that part. But back to the story line, when I made myself read straight I slowly got back into it. By the end my mind was reeling by the action ! What got to me was the last line of the last chapter, and the last line of the epilogue or the “After” as Leigh wrote it as. Both made me yell out a huge WTF moment.

I could not believe that Leigh ended it the way she did. You just can’t end it like that and expect us to wait for months until the next one! Sigh. But the good thing out of Siege & Storm came new characters I actually grew to love. For starters, obviously Mal as I pointed out because in Shadow & Bone I disliked him. Then with the introduction of Nikolai I grew to love his character and his joking comments. Now there was also the introduction of twins, a brother and sister by the name of Tolya and Tamara. I actually love this pair a lot, I’m not sure why. Their personalities just got to me, especially Tamara. Her personality was very interesting to me. I love them both and can’t wait to have more of them in the third book! As for the Darkling…. Even though he wasn’t in this one much, I still loved him all the same. All in all this book lived up to its expectations and didn’t fail to disappoint!